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Time for a new roof?

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Having a roof over your head is a blessing you don’t want to take for granted! Making sure we take care of that blessing and ensuring it is protecting all the important things under it is a necessity. Here are the top signs indicating it’s time for a new roof and how to check them out!

First things first, you want to be able to do a basic interior and exterior roof check.

To check your interior it’s time to grab a flashlight and head up to the attic. There are 3 steps to identify if you need a new roof from inside your attic.

1. Check for sunlight through the roof boards. If any streams of sunlight are coming in through the boards it is time for a new roof. If light can get in, so can water.

2. Check for dark streaks and stains. If you see dark stains or dark streaks on the underside of your roof or running down the walls from the base of your roof, then you’re roof is likely leaking and moisture is damaging both your roof, as well as your home’s interior structure.

3. Sagging areas. If you see sagging areas in your roof, use your hand or a broom to lightly touch the sagging spot. If the spot feels soft and wet or bends easily with the prod of your broom, you know you have moisture damage.

Now, to move to the outside. The exterior check is just as, if not more, important than interior check. If you find a problem on the outside of your roof you can save money by identifying the problem before it affects the interior roofing structure.

  1. Dark streaks or stains going down the shingles.
  2. Leaks and water damage.
  3. Rotting tiles, missing tiles, or moldy build up on a group of tiles.
  4. Decaying spots with missing shingles, as well as spots with shingles that are cracking, curling or buckling.
  5. Shingle granules in the gutter. Pieces of your shingles washed down to your gutter means your roof could be susceptible to greater water damage and roof decay.
  6. Damaged Chimney & Roof Flashing. If your flashing is made of roof cement or tar, then it is more vulnerable to water damage. Replacing it with a more durable metal flashing system can be beneficial.
  7. Check the area where two parts of your sloping down roof meet. The roof valley is a common place for damage.
  8. If your roof is over 20 years old it can be time for a replacement.

If you notice any damage or anything that concerns you when your inspecting your roof, make note of it and give us a call. We provide free inspections and estimates. Be wary of anyone charging for this service. When an inspector comes out to look at your roof, point out any damage you noticed to be verified. We want to make sure your home is protected and we do our best to replace or repair your roof quickly and efficiently. Give us a call or fill out our form on the website today!

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