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Fall is coming, enjoy the weather on your patio under a new patio cover!

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Fall air, changing leaves, cooler temperatures, all reasons to love this season. Almost time to put away the flip flops and grab a hoodie. There are so many ways to enjoy the fall but one of our favorites is to relax outside on the patio, comfy furniture, a little table fire pit, grilling out without sweating, maybe a glass of wine or hot cider. The comfort possibilities are endless. But, if you really want to relax in a way that is as maintenance free as possible her are the top 5 reasons your patio needs a patio cover.

5. Patio Covers Provide Shade — Patio covers are primarily designed to provide shade, so you could enjoy fresh air any time whether you’re at a family barbecue, a pool party, or even just relaxing.

4. Patio Covers Keep Your Patio Dry — They also let you use the patio even when it rains by keeping it from getting wet. Exposure to water can cause rot on your wooden furniture and rust on metal ones. With patio covers, you have more freedom to decorate your patio with items you otherwise wouldn’t expose to the rain, like pillows, rugs, and coffee table books.

3. Patio Covers Keep Your House Cooler — If your patio is in the sun’s path and adjacent windows receive too much sunlight, a good patio cover prevents sunlight from shining through your windows and keeps your interiors cools. And by reducing the requirement for interior cooling, your patio covers also helps reduce your energy bills and saves you money.

2. Patio Covers Protect Your Outdoor Furniture — Sunlight carries UV rays that are not only harmful to your skin, but also to your furniture. Sun-bleached wood might look good, but it would be damaging to your rugs and other fabrics.

1 Patio Covers Increase Your Home’s Value — Patio covers lend your patio an enticing vibe and potentially raise the value of your home.

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