Estimate Financing

Making a plan to upgrade your homes exterior.

Spring is coming! Time for a tad warmer weather, a little longer days, rain, and preparing for outdoor projects. When you’re thinking about upgrading the exterior of your home there are so many projects you can pick from. Wanting to go big? Siding can completely change the appearance of your whole home. Or do you need a new roof? Putting a new roof on your home not only changes the appearance with the many different colors and styles to chose from but it also is one of the main protections your home has from the elements and having a good roof is important. Looking into smaller projects that still make a dramatic difference? A new entry way or front door can give your home a beautiful new look and welcome your visitors with beauty and style. New windows can change the look of your home, and increase savings on your electric bill. Want to sit on your porch and enjoy the (tad) warmer weather? Consider adding a patio cover or a screened in sun room. You can have the comfort of the outdoors while being protected from the rain and enjoy a breeze with a built in ceiling fan. Like I said there are countless projects to pick from. Now how to you prepare to take on one of these projects financially and picking a contractor? Here are a few tips.

When picking a project first consider your budget. Are you looking into financing your project? Or do you have the funds saved up for your new remodel? Do your research on average costs and start from there. Take the initiative and look into how much equity your project will add to your homes value. When remodeling your home the job cost can quickly go up so make sure you have a plan and a budget in mind.

VIZUALIZE! If you can see what your home will look like with the proposed upgrades it makes it a little easier to make an informed decision on what you want to take on now and what you want to plan for the future. You can visit our website at and follow the links to several different tools to upload a photo of your home and change the roof, windows, doors, siding, trim, gutters and more! You can change styles and colors and make your home, your DREAM home!

Finding a qualified trusted contractor. One of the most important parts of taking on a remodeling project, if not the most important, is picking the right person to do the job. A unreliable contractor can lead to many unfortunate issues. Make sure you do your homework. At Bill Wax’s Dayton Home Improvement we are certified installers, warrantied, fully insured and trusted BBB business for several decades. Read our reviews on Google, Facebook, or the BBB website and see how satisfied customers are. Then click the link and give us a call or email. We send a qualified representative to your home to listen to your ideas, measure your project, and give you an estimate on cost, ALL FOR FREE. We want you to feel comfortable telling us your plans and get an idea of your cost without having to make any commitments until you are ready. Visit our website today to contact us and get your plans in motion. Outdoor weather will be here before we know it! Enjoy your home outdoors with some beautiful upgrades!

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Custom Entry Doors, Your Homes First Impression.

When it comes to the decision to purchase a new entry door for your home there are so many factors that come into play and the options can be overwhelming. Let us help you make the job a little easier. With a custom door made by ProVia and installed by Bill Wax’s Dayton Home Improvement you can rest assured your door will be the prefect fit for YOUR home. Rather than heading to a big box store to pick out your homes new door consider having us custom order and install. You may think that custom doors are reserved for elaborate homes designed to make a statement. But, in actuality, custom made doors are a very practical solution for any home. Many homes were built many years ago and the doors were built with the home making them hard to fit with a cookie cutter box store bought door. Here at Bill Wax’s Dayton Home Improvement we come to your home and precisely measure to ensure your new door is the perfect fit for your home. We will bring all the options to you so you can put your own style and needs to work to find the door made just for you. The possibilities are endless and the different styles are abundant. Need different sized side lites or a doggy door or a specialized opening for accommodating any need? We have you covered. After finding just what you need we order your door from ProVia whose professionals custom make your door to your specifications. We guarantee satisfaction and a truly “you” statement and impression when you walk up to your home after our installation is complete. Contact us today for a free quote. You can also visit ProVia’s website to take a look at the many options in solid wood, steel and fiberglass with decorative glass or no glass. We will find the door that is just right for you!

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How Your Roof Can Save You Money.

Did you know, in most cases, over half or your energy bill is going to heating or cooling your home? In many homes energy costs are going through the roof, literally. Your roof is your first — and best — defense against the heat of the summer and the chill of the winter. A low-efficiency, poorly insulated roof can allow heat to seep into your home in the summer months, leaving you with huge cooling bills. It can also let too much heat seep out in the winter, leading to much higher heating costs. Investing money on a good roof now can save you a lot on energy bills in the long run. An energy-efficient roof not only protects you from the elements, but it also keeps your warm when you want it warm and cool when you want it cool. Energy-efficient materials are capable of withstanding the constant beating of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun, extending your roofs lifespan. ­The most energy-efficient roofing products have high solar reflectance, which means that rather than absorbing the sun’s energy. they reflect it back into the environment. The most energy-efficient roofs have high emittance also, which means they release any solar heat they have absorbed more efficiently . When choosing a roof, look for materials that carry the Energy Star label, because they can save you on energy costs. The Energy Star program was created to promote the use of energy-efficient products. The Energy Star label is only given to roofing products that are highly reflective. These roofs can reflect enough of the sun’s rays to lower the temperature on the surface of your roof by as much as 100 degrees Fahrenheit (56 degrees Celsius) [source: Energy Star]. Your location is a big factor when picking the color of your roofing. Light-colored roofs are good in warmer climates because they reflect heat, while dark-colored roofs are better in cooler climates because they absorb heat. When choosing a roofing material, you have many options, including asphalt, metal, wood, concrete and tile. Avoid unpainted metal and aluminum roofs, which aren’t particularly good at releasing energy. Saving money on roofing doesn’t end with picking the right materials — you also need to find the right person to install them. Choose Bill Wax’s Dayton Home Improvement. We are a trusted general contractor with years of experience installing energy-efficient roofs. At Bill Wax’s Dayton Home Improvement we are licensed and insured and all of our roofs come with a warranty that covers labor and materials.

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14 Ways to Keep your House Warm in the Winter.

Being warm and comfortable in the winter is about more than just turning up the thermostat and wearing warmer clothes. There are many things we can do around our home to help keep heat in and produce more heat. Here are some tips from your trusted general contractor to staying warm in your home this winter. 

1. In your bathroom make sure you don’t have cold air blowing back into the house by making sure your bathroom fans/vents have draft blockers or baffles on the outside. 

2. Flip the switch on your ceiling fans to reverse them in the spring and fall. Your fan should be blowing the heat that rises back down towards you in the winter. If you have heated floors, turn off the ceiling fans, if you have forced air heat, turn them on. 

 3. Close the vents and doors in rooms you do not use often. Be careful of rooms that have plumbing ran and make sure they do not get cold enough to freeze pipes.

4. In the rooms you do use often, make sure that all vents are open and not blocked by furniture, rugs, or anything else. 

5. A snow fence can be a great way to control where snow drops and control drifting, improving outside ventilation. 

6. If you are not using your chimney make sure both the flue and draft (if equipped) are closed. Heat can get sucked right out of your home through your open chimney. If it will be left unused indefinitely consider a fireplace insulation insert.

7. Check non-living areas such as crawl spaces and utility areas for uninsulated hot water/ radiator pipes. If there are any, insulate them. You don’t want good heat going to unnecessary places. 

8. You can use pipe insulation or pool noodles to block off gaps under interior or exterior doors to stop airflow from cold areas to warm areas.

9. Accesses to attics and crawl spaces can be a large factor in major heat loss. Make sure your access doors or openings are very well insulated.

 10. You can let heat from the sun into your home by uncovering any south facing windows during sunny days.  

 11. Pick up some insulated window coverings. You can get custom made insulating cellular shades made specifically for your window measurements or consider insulating curtains to keep heat in.

12. Interior window insulation can be applied to windows fairly easily and can be combined with shades or curtains to amp up the heat keeping power.

13. Purchase a small, clean burning portable propane heater. You can use these to add heat to the areas you need it only when you need it. 

14. Layer up. wear warmer clothes, keep throw blankets handy. Make an effort to stay warmer without turning up the thermostat. 

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The cold season is upon us. We even had to turn the heat on in the office today! So make sure you take the time to ensure your home is ready for the winter. Just a few basic steps in preparation can help to avoid any costly repairs when its to late! Take a look at our get ready for winter diagram and give us a call if you see anything with your windows, doors, or roof that need addressed before the snow (ugh..) comes!
Call today for a free estimate!

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Time for a new roof?

Having a roof over your head is a blessing you don’t want to take for granted! Making sure we take care of that blessing and ensuring it is protecting all the important things under it is a necessity. Here are the top signs indicating it’s time for a new roof and how to check them out!

First things first, you want to be able to do a basic interior and exterior roof check.

To check your interior it’s time to grab a flashlight and head up to the attic. There are 3 steps to identify if you need a new roof from inside your attic.

1. Check for sunlight through the roof boards. If any streams of sunlight are coming in through the boards it is time for a new roof. If light can get in, so can water.

2. Check for dark streaks and stains. If you see dark stains or dark streaks on the underside of your roof or running down the walls from the base of your roof, then you’re roof is likely leaking and moisture is damaging both your roof, as well as your home’s interior structure.

3. Sagging areas. If you see sagging areas in your roof, use your hand or a broom to lightly touch the sagging spot. If the spot feels soft and wet or bends easily with the prod of your broom, you know you have moisture damage.

Now, to move to the outside. The exterior check is just as, if not more, important than interior check. If you find a problem on the outside of your roof you can save money by identifying the problem before it affects the interior roofing structure.

  1. Dark streaks or stains going down the shingles.
  2. Leaks and water damage.
  3. Rotting tiles, missing tiles, or moldy build up on a group of tiles.
  4. Decaying spots with missing shingles, as well as spots with shingles that are cracking, curling or buckling.
  5. Shingle granules in the gutter. Pieces of your shingles washed down to your gutter means your roof could be susceptible to greater water damage and roof decay.
  6. Damaged Chimney & Roof Flashing. If your flashing is made of roof cement or tar, then it is more vulnerable to water damage. Replacing it with a more durable metal flashing system can be beneficial.
  7. Check the area where two parts of your sloping down roof meet. The roof valley is a common place for damage.
  8. If your roof is over 20 years old it can be time for a replacement.

If you notice any damage or anything that concerns you when your inspecting your roof, make note of it and give us a call. We provide free inspections and estimates. Be wary of anyone charging for this service. When an inspector comes out to look at your roof, point out any damage you noticed to be verified. We want to make sure your home is protected and we do our best to replace or repair your roof quickly and efficiently. Give us a call or fill out our form on the website today!

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Fall is coming, enjoy the weather on your patio under a new patio cover!

Fall air, changing leaves, cooler temperatures, all reasons to love this season. Almost time to put away the flip flops and grab a hoodie. There are so many ways to enjoy the fall but one of our favorites is to relax outside on the patio, comfy furniture, a little table fire pit, grilling out without sweating, maybe a glass of wine or hot cider. The comfort possibilities are endless. But, if you really want to relax in a way that is as maintenance free as possible her are the top 5 reasons your patio needs a patio cover.

5. Patio Covers Provide Shade — Patio covers are primarily designed to provide shade, so you could enjoy fresh air any time whether you’re at a family barbecue, a pool party, or even just relaxing.

4. Patio Covers Keep Your Patio Dry — They also let you use the patio even when it rains by keeping it from getting wet. Exposure to water can cause rot on your wooden furniture and rust on metal ones. With patio covers, you have more freedom to decorate your patio with items you otherwise wouldn’t expose to the rain, like pillows, rugs, and coffee table books.

3. Patio Covers Keep Your House Cooler — If your patio is in the sun’s path and adjacent windows receive too much sunlight, a good patio cover prevents sunlight from shining through your windows and keeps your interiors cools. And by reducing the requirement for interior cooling, your patio covers also helps reduce your energy bills and saves you money.

2. Patio Covers Protect Your Outdoor Furniture — Sunlight carries UV rays that are not only harmful to your skin, but also to your furniture. Sun-bleached wood might look good, but it would be damaging to your rugs and other fabrics.

1 Patio Covers Increase Your Home’s Value — Patio covers lend your patio an enticing vibe and potentially raise the value of your home.

So call or fill out our online form today to get more information on how to get a patio cover installed at your home today!

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Shop at Your Local Small Businesses

When you buy from a small business, you’re not helping a CEO buy a third home. You’re helping a little girl get dance lessons, a little boy his team jersey, and moms and dads put food on the table. Let’s help support one another and shop local.

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Use your Tax Return for a Tax Write-off Next Year

Purchase new windows and doors with your tax return this year and you can get even more money back on your tax return next year with the energy tax credit! Here at Bill Wax’s Dayton Home Improvement Center we offer a variety of energy efficent windows and doors that are approved to earn the tax credit. We also offer financing if your tax return won’t cover it all! Call us today to request a FREE quote. (937)859-1600

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Storm Damage

This time of the year is notorious for ice building up in gutters, on top of patio covers, and on trees causing them to fall down. Bill Wax’s Dayton Home Improvement is here for all of your home improvement needs. Please give us a call today to request a FREE quote and let us help assist you. 937-859-1600

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